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This morning, I invited two friends over to my place to have breakfast with me.

They have both been trying out some of the products I`ve made over the past few months.  I wanted to hear their feedback and ideas.

They both turned out to have different favorite products and each for different reasons.  We talked about their preferences and the different things that are important to them.  i.e. scent versus texture, and natural preservatives versus synthetic ones

At the end of the morning, I had a very clear understanding of just how complex and intricate skin care can be.  I am energized at the thought of researching and understanding it all in much greater level of detail than I do today.  With some extra information under my belt, I`ll be able to actually make all the things that I have in my head.

For now, I foresee more experiments and more things for friends to try….and a whole lot of reading!

It was a great way to start a new week!


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