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Body Lotion from Scratch


I devoted the whole day on Saturday to recreating the lotion that I learned how to make last week at Soap & More.  I’ve always had dry skin and have always used some type of moisturizing lotion on my skin.  Knowing how to make my own from scratch is such a relief!

The recipe I used this weekend made about 750 mL of lotion.  I divided it into several containers so that I could try different scents in each one.  In total, I made 9 small jars of lotion and 2 larger tubs of lotion.  It’s by far the best moisturizer that I’ve ever used and it feels great on the skin.

I topped off my crafting day with a couple tubes of lip gloss.  Here it is!

9 thoughts on “Body Lotion from Scratch

  1. Well done! Looks like a busy weekend.

  2. Thanks, Sarah. It was a busy one, but quite fulfilling. I`m very pleased with the results of my efforts to make a decent lotion. Looking forward to your comments on it!

  3. Thanks for the sample of the lotion you made. I love it! It is light and non-greasy and works really well. Almost 12 hours after I used it this morning, my skin is still smooth and soft. Looks like you have a winning formula!

  4. Can you share the recipe please

  5. Chamallie – I used 3/4 cups of oil (you can choose) to 1/2 cup of wax. Melted everything, added water and stirred! I was amazed at how well it worked!

  6. Sounds great! So which smell is your favourite? 😀

  7. Oooh – good question, Kristina! I truly love the citrus scents and consequently, have loaded up on citrus-scented essential oils. But, I also love the rich scent of vanilla and the spicy scent of ginger! It’s always such a tough decision when I have to decide on a scent for a new batch of lotion. 😉 Do you have a favorite?

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