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What’s your favorite body lotion scent?


After making a batch of body lotion last weekend, I promptly distributed 9 small jars of lotion, all with different scents. I asked each person to use it liberally, as opposed to savoring it.  I’ve got lots more, so I could easily top anyone up when they finished their sample, if they were interested.

So far, the feedback has been very positive.  The lotion is light, spreadable, and most importantly, not greasy!  Assuming I’ve got a recipe that does the job, my next mission is to determine the best scent(s) for the lotion.

What’s your favorite scent in a body lotion?  In asking some people already, I’ve had a few votes for lavender and vanilla.  Are those your favorites?  Are there any scents that you would never use in a body lotion?


3 thoughts on “What’s your favorite body lotion scent?

  1. Love the ‘Deep Citrus’. Excellent moisturizing properties, and great smell

  2. Thanks for the comment. I love that ‘deep citrus’ scent too!

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