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In search of natural hair care

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I recently made a trip to the hairdresser for a long overdue trim.  I love being pampered at the salon, but often don’t take the time to actually make the appointment to go.  After a year of procrastination, I finally got myself booked in to a nearby salon.

My hair doesn’t need a lot of special attention.  It’s fairly straight and I don’t colour it.  In fact, other than needing a trim, the only thing that has been bugging me about my hair is the fine baby hairs that curl away from the sides of my head.  You know, the kinds that stick out like wings when you pull the rest of your hair into a sleek ponytail?  Yes, those ones.

I asked my stylist about this and she promptly suggested a whole line of smoothing hair products.  There was a shampoo, conditioner, oil, and lotion.  She used the complete line of hair care on me.  It worked beautifully!  I had the smoothest and straightest hair when she was all done with me!

As any good stylist would do, she encouraged me to purchase the whole line of products so that I could reproduce her magic on my own.  I took a quick look at the list of ingredients in each bottle and was not surprised to see that they were each full of chemicals which I couldn’t pronounce.  Worse, they all contained parabens.

Now, I’m no expert on ingredients.  However, I’ve read enough to know that there are mixed reviews on the use of parabens in skin and hair care products.   A mixed review is more than enough to make me leery. More importantly, through making my own skin care products, I do have an idea of what things are good for your skin and, by extension, your hair.  I didn’t see those ingredients listed on the back of those bottles.

Needless to say, I skipped out on purchasing the line of hair care.  I simply left the salon with a new mission.  I need to find or make a great product that will smooth my hair so that I can avoid the fly-aways and enjoy the great cut I got last week!

After a bit of surfing, I’ve found a few sites that have some good suggestions:

A DIY natural hair conditioner recipe:

A full hair care recipe book:

A source of vegan natural hair care products:

I’m going to start experimenting, hopefully without doing any great damage to my hair.  If you’ve got any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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