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How often do you wash your hair?


As I’ve been researching the topic of natural hair care, I’ve found a few articles that talk about how often you really need to wash your hair.  Some people wash their hair every day and others wash their once or twice a month.  Why such a difference?

All on its own, your body’s sebaceous glands produce sebum.  Sebum waterproofs and moisturizes your hair.  When left unwashed, sebum can accumulate in your hair and you can get that look of unwashed and oily hair.  This causes us to shampoo our hair to get rid of the excess oil.  However,some shampoo gets rid of so much of our natural oils that we have to then condition our hair and replace the oil we just removed.  That sounds a bit redundant to me.

The fact is, until recently, frequent hair washing was not common. It wasn’t long ago that women used to go to the hairdresser once a week to have their hair washed and styled for the entire week!  Over the last sixty years, that trend has changed in North America.  Now, it is largely unacceptable allow your hair to get too oily.  Now, we largely choose to strip the oils out and promptly put them back in with a conditioning product.

As redundant as hair washing sounds, the fact is that when I don’t wash my hair every other day, it gets very oily.  It doesn’t feel great and it looks worse!  Some have turned to dry shampoo.   This product is formulated to absorb excess oils and remove the need for excess washing.   They’ve been used for many years and are seeing a bit more popularity right now.  There are a variety of ways to make them and they are certainly for sale in regular stores.  Can you guess what I’m going to try making next?

4 thoughts on “How often do you wash your hair?

  1. I wash my hair once or twice a week depending on how it feels and what it looks like (if I start resembling that guy from REO Speedwagon it’s time for a wash). But I DO rinse it every day. Mostly because I’m too lazy to get a shower cap, but the result is pretty workable and still feels nice.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Leah! Sounds like you’ve got a great approach that works for you! There are lots of people who swear by a simple water rinse in between washes to keep their hair in good shape. Sounds like it works just fine!

  3. I’ve tried washing my hair every other day…but I can’t stand how it feels, probably because of hair styling product that is put into my hair. I have lots of hair but it’s very fine and I can’t seem to style it well and get some volume unless I wash it every day.

  4. Helene – you always have such beautiful hair! I can completely relate to that feeling of limp hair. For me, with thick hair, it happens after a day or two of not washing my hair. Thanks for sharing!

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