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Have you brushed your skin lately?


Did you know that your skin releases up to a pound of waste each day?  When it can’t release the toxins efficiently, you might get a rash, itchiness, or hives on your skin.  Some of the first signs of toxicity in your body can show up on your skin.

With this in mind, it makes sense to be mindful of the skin care products that you are using.  This will reduce the amount of toxins you introduce to your body.  In addition to using all natural skin products, you can also add skin brushing to your routine.  Dry skin brushing is a simple practice that can help you maintain healthy skin.

I first heard about this age-old technique a few years ago when I was seeing a naturopath.  She recommended dry skin brushing each morning before I jumped in the shower.  Why?  It would help stimulate blood flow and by extension stimulate my body’s natural healing capabilities.

Jash gives us a good summary of the benefits of skin brushing.  They include:

–          Skin brushing helps to shed dead skin cells

–          Skin brushing increases circulation to skin, which helps the body get rid of toxins

–          Skin brushing helps eliminate clogged pores

–          Skin brushing helps get rid of toxic body deposits (i.e. cellulite)

So, how do you do it?  It’s simple. Just follow these easy steps:

1.  Buy a brush with natural fibers and a long handle.

2.  Before you get into the shower or bath, brush your skin in long, even strokes.  Always brush towards your heart.

3.  Brush all the way up your legs and arms.  Avoid areas where you have broken skin.

4.  Once you’re done (and hopefully feeling invigorated), jump into the shower!

Dry skin brushing is a great way to start your day.  It only takes a few minutes and does your body a lot of good.  Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Have you brushed your skin lately?

  1. Alia, you make it sound so easy. I read about this a long time ago but never tried it. Now that I’m older and wiser, maybe I will.

  2. Yes — try it! It’s easy and quick and truly is a wonderful way to get your day started!

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  4. I never tried dry brushing but it sounds intriguing…I use a pumice stone on my face every day – in the shower with face soap – i have radiant, young-looking skin!

    • Dry brushing is definitely worth a try! It gets your blood circulating first thing in the morning and helps to gently get rid of dead skin. I’m sure it would compliment your pumice stone routine for your face!

  5. I use the brush on my skin in the shower … wonder if it has to same effect

    • I’m not quite sure about the science behind dry skin brushing. However, I think there’s value in dry brushing your skin before you even step into the shower.

  6. I tried it a while back but found it too much for my skin (it started getting really red and irritated).

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  8. oo I do this! I love it 🙂 it really does improve circulation x

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