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Natural Face Care

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I attended a workshop on Total Face Care at Soap & More – The Learning Center on the long weekend.  As always, the workshop was lots of fun.  It was especially enjoyable this time because my mom and one of best friends came with me!  It was just great to share my new-found hobby with them both.

During the workshop, we made 5 different products.  We started with aFace Care Regime basic facial foaming cleanser.  I love foaming soap, so I was quite pleased to be making one in this workshop!  Next, we then made a toner.  Everyone made a toner that was customized a certain skin type.  I chose to make one for combination skin.  I’ve never really used toner.  I have found that they tend to dry out my skin.  However, the toner we made in the workshop did not have any alcohol or other drying agents.  I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Next, we made a face moisturizer.  This was a similar process to making lotion, so I was comfortable with the process.  We added a small amount of glycolic acid to this cream.  To counter any effect it might have with making the skin more susceptible to the sun, we also added some titanium dioxide.  The cream came out beautifully and feels very light on the skin.

We mixed up a night oil with one of my favourite oils, argan oil.  As with toner, oil is not something I typically use on my face at night.  Normally, I opt for a moisturizer.  I know there are many who swear by a dab of oil at night.  It’s just enough to moisturize the skin without leading to excess oil.  Since the workshop, I’ve been using it every night and so far, so good.

The final gem we made was a serum.  By far, this was the highlight of the class for me.  We each made a small bottle of serum that can be used to tighten up the skin.  I brushed this on under my eyes.  It was cooling and I felt my skin tighten a wee bit.  I really love this product!

With all five products, I came home armed with a whole new face care regime!

GoodiesAnd finally, any visit to Soap & More, whether it’s for a workshop or not, must be topped off with a bit of shopping.  I bought a few more goodies to add to my growing collection. I can’t wait to try those out too!

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