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Mind Your Own Beeswax


If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that I recently discovered a company that makes skin care products which advocates against using natural waxes, such as beeswax, so as to avoid ingesting the same. It was the first time I’d heard that there could be a problem in using beeswax in skin care products, like lip stick or lip balm, and, as promised, I have spent the last few days researching it.

Beeswax is largely considered safe, provided it is used in limited amounts.  It is an inert substance, meaning that it does not interact with the human digestive system at all.  In other words, it would pass through the body unaltered.  Beeswax can be used to create a non-allergenic protective film on the human skin.  In this way, it protects against moisture loss.  That’s at least part of the reason that you see beeswax as an ingredient in many skin care products.  We see beeswax is lip balms, soaps, candles and other products.  It is generally considered non toxic.

It’s true that beeswax can cause a serious intestinal blockage.  However, you would have to ingest it in large amounts.  This would cause symptoms such as stomach upset and swelling or nausea.  (Don’t worry – the amount of beeswax that you would ingest inadvertently from your lip balm should not lead to a serious intestinal blockage.)

As far as I’m concerned, I am comfortable in using beeswax in my own skin care products or buying products that include this ingredient.  Unless you plan to eat a large chunk of it, I think you’ll be safe!  If you want to read more, check out these links.  They provided great information for my research project.

4 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Beeswax

  1. It can definitely block the drain! It happened to me recently as I made a foot scrub and I think I had too much bees wax in it… I just recently managed to unblock my bath… 🙂 Not a nice thing 🙂 That’s why I love Olive wax, it’s much lighter 🙂

    • So, it’s true about blocking the drain! When I use any kind of wax, I try to wipe any remnants with a paper towel when the wax is still a bit warm and throw it away in the trash, rather than let it go down the sink.
      I hadn’t heard of olive wax before, but I love the idea of trying it out.
      Glad that your bath is unblocked now! 🙂

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