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Cold Pressed Soap


Finally, I have started learning how to make cold pressed soap.

Learning to Make Cold Pressed Soap

I made my first batch under direct supervision at a workshop at Soap and More a couple of months ago.  A good friend of mine came to the workshop with me, so it was extra special!

Compared to making liquid soap from scratch, this was a way more relaxed process.  We heated the oils, mixed the lye, put the two together and poured the soap.  It was that easy!  Well, that’s how I remember it anyway…I’ve probably omitted a few key details that I will soon have to relearn.

We each took a batch of soap home under strict instructions to let it sit for at least 6 weeks to allow for full saponification.  I did that, and then subsequently forgot about it, so by the time I came back to it, a couple of months had passed.

Using my very own cold pressed soap!

I’ve just started using it and I really like it!  It has a decent lather and the smell of pomegranate that I put into it is just strong enough to give the soap a light and fresh scent.   So, now I have no excuse.  It’s time to try my hand on some more cold press soap without help.  I can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “Cold Pressed Soap

  1. My new word of the day “saponification”. Well done on the soap!

  2. That is so exciting! I’m jealous that you found a soap making workshop. I would give my right arm for something like that. Apparently the metro-Detroit area isn’t into that sort of thing 🙂 I’m just going to have to learn from Youtube like everyone else! Lye sounds so complicated, I’ve always just procrastinated.

  3. So exciting! I always wanted to learn this and I know the process is long and you have to wait for so long to be able to start using it, but it’s so worth it isn’t it 😀 I am going on a 5 day intensive course in May, can’t wait 😀 I’m using papaya natural soap at the moment and I just love it, it contains papaya seeds which slightly massage the skin, I love it 🙂 Good luck with making your very own soaps without supervision 😀

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