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Thank you for all the love!


Wow!  I just checked my site stats on my blog and was blown away!  I’ve had more views and visits to my blog in the first three months of 2012 than all of 2011!


I started this blog in June of 2011.  I had a great start as I learned about the blogging world.  By the end of the year, with six months of experience, I’d attracted a fair number of views.


At the beginning of the year, I set myself a few goals. I decided I wanted to  increase the traffic to my blog. I also decided I wanted to write a post at least once a week.

Early Results in 2012

For the first three months of this year, I’ve managed to post more than once a week and have been getting lots of traffic to my blog.  Woo hoo!  In fact, I’ve had more visitors in the first three months than all of 2011 put together!

Thank you!

Thank you for all your support in keeping up with my blog!  I truly appreciate all of your interest and love knowing that people all over the world are interested in my experiments.

8 thoughts on “Thank you for all the love!

  1. Good job and congratulations!

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