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One Step Closer to Banning Triclosan


The federal government will be announcing that it will start an assessment on the antibacterial chemical, Triclosan.  Reported last week, Postmedia says that this is an important step in improving environmental and human health conditions.

Why is Triclosan a concern?

Triclosan is one of those chemicals that many advocate to remove from skin Ban Triclosancare products.  It’s been shown to be toxic to both fish and wildlife and to humans.  This chemical is known as an endocrine disruptor, possibly being linked to thyroid problems and cancer.  Further, it is thought that Triclosan contributes to antibiotic resistant bacteria, contributing to formation of “superbugs”.

Where do you find Triclosan?

Triclosan is in a multitude of everyday products.  You’ll find it lurking in hand sanitizers, in all kinds of makeup in even in plastic goods, like smartphone cases.

Environmental Defence has been a leader in the campaign to ban Triclosan from every day products.  Read all about this latest development here.

10 thoughts on “One Step Closer to Banning Triclosan

  1. You made me wanna check all my beauty products :))

    • Please do! You can check many brands on the Skin Deep site. It’s better to know what’s in those make up tubes than not to know at all!

  2. Now that’s a new word I have to remember “Triclosan”. Thanks for the heads up Alia.

  3. It’s great to see another cosmetic blogger concerned about the ingredients in products! Thanks for checking out my blog and please continue to read my posts as I update my blog!

    • I will definitely keep an eye on your blog! After I became aware of all of the unnecessary chemicals in our skin care products, I felt compelled to start writing about it! Thanks for following me!

      • Me too! It’s crazy how many chemicals there are! I’m in the process of switching to organic cosmetics, it’s crazy what a difference it makes! Thanks for checking out my blog, I can’t wait to read more posts from you!

  4. I have recently seen more and more products, especially handwashes, with visible writing “triclosan free”. I think cosmetic companies realise that people become more aware of all chemicals used in cosmetics and need to make changes in their productions. Hopefully there will be more of them!

    • You’re right! Slowly, the word is getting out that chemicals like Triclosan shouldn’t be used in skin care products. I truly believe the key is in spreading the word to raise awareness of these unnecessary chemicals.

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