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My Day and Night Oil


What do you use to moisturize your face?  Do you use a serum, a cream, or oil? Or, are you someone with naturally oily skin who would never contemplate using any kind of moisturizer on your face?

I’ve always had dry skin…

I`ve always had dry skin, so I’ve always used some kind of moisturizer.  For the most part, I have used a light cream, both in the morning or the night.  If I didn’t, I could feel my skin tighten within minutes of being washed.

I was able to help myself a few months ago when I stopped using strong cleansers on my face.  Once I went to a milder soap, I thought I might be able to get away without using a moisturizer. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  Even with a mild cleanser, my face still needed some help to stay moisturized.

How about straight oil?

As I learned more about the unnecessary and toxic chemicals hiding in most skin care products, including the ones I was using at the time, I started looking for a healthy alternative for moisturizing my skin.  Around the same time, I learned how to make a Night Oil at a workshop at Soap & More.  I never thought that I would actually use straight oil on my face.  Surely it would be too much and cause me to break out instantly (or, at the very least, overnight!).  I was so convinced that I didn`t touch the oil that I made in the workshop for several Skin Breakoutweeks.

And then one night, I ran out of my moisturizer. Out of desperation, I turned to the little bottle of night oil.  I just used a little drop and massaged into my face and neck.  It actually felt pretty good and my skin didn`t seem oily.  Still skeptical, I went to sleep, fearing the worst for the morning.

Miraculously, I woke up in the morning with my same clear skin.  I used a dab of the oil again that morning, and again that night.  In fact, I have continued that for several months now and I have yet to break out! I’m convinced that this Face Oil, combined with my other serums, will keep the wrinkles away!

What goes into a Face Oil?

rosehip seed oilI’ve had to mix up batches of this Oil a couple of times since I first started using it.  Each time, I’ve tried something a bit different.  I’ve used combinations of argan oil, rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, wheatgerm oil, and avocado oil.  I`m sure there are many, many different combinations out there.  Fortunately, all of the combinations that I have tried have worked great so far!

Have you ever tried using Oil on your face and neck?  If not, after reading my personal triumph with it, would you give it a try?

22 thoughts on “My Day and Night Oil

  1. I started using vegetable oil as a moisturizer around my eyes years ago when I developed sensitivities. I couldn’t use anything without developing an itchy rash, so I dabbed a few drops of extra virgin olive oil around my eyes – it works great!

    I have oil skin and regular breakouts, so I only use the oil around my eyes.

  2. I was amazed to learn that if you use too much oil on your skin, it will actually reduce the amount of natural sebum that your skin produces, causing dryness. So people with oily skin should use more oil. Doesn’t that sound crazy!
    Yay for Rosehip seed oil!. I use a blend of that, jojoba and carrot seed. Sometimes I’ll melt in a little beeswax so it’s thicker, usually I just use it straight.
    I also use straight oil for shaving my legs. Ladies, it is a thousand times better than shaving cream!

    • I’ve learned a lot about preserving the natural balance of oils in your skin. It’s also true that if you use harsh soaps on your skin or hair, it will cause your body to overcompensate and produce too much sebum (and causing you to continue using the harsh product!)
      Your blend sounds similar to the one I’ve got going now. I haven`t tried it for shaving though. I always thought the oil would be bad for the razor. It sounds like it works fine for you, so I`ll have to try it!

  3. Oh yes, another Facial Oil lover, we need more of us to spread the word. Oils are fantastic for your skin, just need to use the right blend, but it’s great to experiment. Great post Alia

    • Thanks! I truly love my Face Oil and I’m happy to spread the good word. With a good blend, there’s just no need for expensive face creams!

  4. Why hello there, Beautiful Alia! 😉 My name is Nastassia. I hope I am finding you well. I wanted to come check out your blog, because I see you “liking” my posts on my blog. Thank you so much for that! 😀 Makes me happy to see that people are enjoying reading my material. LOL! 😀 I love your blog, by the way! Its amazing! 😀 I see that your more educated than me in the naturals, so I definitely will be following you for new information. 😀 I just started my “mostly” natural facial routine journey like a month or two ago, so I’m still learning and researching. 🙂 Well, just wanted to say hello and that its wonderful to find someone who has the same interests. I look forward to reading your posts! Cheers! 😉

  5. Hi Nastassia! Thank you for checking out my blog and for your comments! It`s so great to hear that you’re getting into a natural skin routine. I`ve had a lot of fun exploring mine and I hope you will too! I`m looking forward to seeing more on your blog. Have fun with it!

  6. I have never used an oil on my face…I’ve always thought as you did that it would cause me to break out, but after reading your experience, I would definitely now consider trying it!

    • I was so very hesitant to try using oil on my face, so I understand your hesitation. Having said that, it’s worth a try. I only use a little tiny bit, and my skin feels great!

  7. Well, what you write here on this blog is what interested me too,up until recently.I could still be interested in making soaps or lipbalms,but no more face creams or body. Nothing with a lot of oil works for me, neither made or bought.And I tried for years to find a suitable bio natural face cream.They only made it worse,since my skin already is very much prone to blemishes. So oil on my face,yes,I have tried ,not only on my face but also on my body, not just one type of oil but a few, and I would never do that again.So good for you that it works,I envy those people that can just put oil or use almost any cream and nothing bad happens to their skin 😀

    • I know that people can have significant allergies to different carrier and essential oils. It’s always best to proceed with caution when trying new things.

  8. I love using oils for my skin! I usually use it in the evening after washing my face with my own made OIL cleanser 🙂 I add a little bit of tea tree and rose geranium essential oils to balance my skin sebum and it works really well! Oils work well even for oily skin, so those with naturally oily skin shouldn’t be afraid of using oils as their mositurisers, it’s just important to choose the right oil combinations and maybe add a little bit of essential oils to add some lovely healing and mood enhancing properties 🙂

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  11. Is there somewhere I can look to get the actual amounts of each oil to create the blend you use? I have been dying to create a facial moisturizer and don’t know where to start. Right now I use shea butter around my eyes and jojoba oil as a cleanser but that’s where my knowledge ends. There are so many oils!

    • I’ve experimented with a few different combos. I make the oils in small amounts. I usually pick two or three of may favorite carrier oils to use as a base. (about 1.5 tsp total). Then, I add in a couple drops of some oils that add nutrients, like carrot seed oil, vitamin E. Finally, I add some scent. Some of my favorite carrier oils to use in these include argan and calendula infused oil. I hope that helps and have fun experimenting!

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