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My own natural “one-minute manicure”


Short, Stubby Nails?

Do you ever have a hard time coaxing your nails to grow?

I always have.

When I’m stressed out or under pressure, I pick at them.  Left on their own, they tend to peel.  Simply put, I’ve just never had the strongest finger nails.

Regular Nail Maintenance

Since my nails were always such a disaster, I used to get regular manicures.  Even the technicians at the shop were shocked at how little my nails would grow between visits.  They were so concerned that they gave me a sample of a One Minute Manicure to try.

The Miraculous One Minute Manicure

The instructions were simple.  Massage a bit of the mixture into my hands a few times a night.  Rinse.  Moisturize.  I did that and magically, my nails started to get stronger!  I couldn’t believe it.  The results were undeniable.

Of course, over time, I used up the sample of the mixture and didn’t take the time to get more, thinking that my nails were cured.  Of course, they weren’t. Over time, they started to soften and peel and revert back to their unsightly state.

A Natural Alternative to Support Miraculous Nails

All of that happened before I started making my own products.  One of the first things that I ever made was a hand scrub.  I’ve experimented with them a bit, making them with both sugar and salt, spices and citrus and of course, with different base oils.  I’ve loved every one of them.

Regardless of the ingredients, I mix up a batch, massage it into my hands a few times a week and voila! My nail beds stay in good shape, my nails grow strong, and I don’t have to hide my hands anymore! Since my own mixture has a base of oil, I don’t have to moisturize after rinsing either.  My hands stay moisturized all night long and my skin feels silky and smooth.

Had I known it was that simply to have strong nails, I would have been using a homemade hand scrub for decades!

4 thoughts on “My own natural “one-minute manicure”

  1. This is great, I love scrubs 🙂 A few months ago I noticed that my nails were getting weak and peeling off. It must have been cold weather or heated premises causing the problem, but then I started using oils for my nails. I used to add a dab of oil onto a cotton ball and then massage it into each nail as often as I could. A week later I started noticing an improvement! Nails love oil, they absorb it very well. I used olive oil and avocado oil and still use it whenever I remember 🙂 This really helped me to strengthen my nails, they are strong and shiny now and not peeling off anymore 🙂

  2. That’s a great testimonial for using oil on your nails, Kristina! It’s amazing how so many household items can be used to help us take care of our bodies! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Love this post – thanks for sharing it with me! 🙂 Growing your nails definitely starts with proper skin and cuticle care – love the idea of the scrub. Going to give it a try since I’m trying to lay off the acrylics and gels. The idea of growing real nails after so long of using artificial help is kind of scary – but I think with all these great tips I’m learning about I’ll be fine!

    • I’m so glad that you found the post useful! The hand scrub has been a lifesaver for me. I hope that it works just as well for you! Please keep me posted and good luck!

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