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Body Lotion with Sea Buckthorn Oil


I’ve been running short of my handmade lotion for a few weeks now.  It’s a good thing there are some reliable brands available for purchase for those times!  In any case, I just made a new batch of lotion and it’s divine.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

It features one of my favorites additives, Sea Buckthorn Oil.  This oil is orange and I keep it in the fridge to make sure it doesn’t go rancid.  I added it right at the end of the lotion-making process and it turned the whole batch a lovely peach colour.

Many cosmetic companies are adding Sea Buckthorn Oil to their products and marketing it as an anti-aging agent.  This oil is a great source of Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, and fatty acids.

Traditionally, Sea Buckthorn oil has been used to promote the healing of skin injuries, such as burns, sores, and eczema.

Lotion vs. Cream

I made this lotion a bit more thinner than I have in the past.  My past lotions Body Lotion with Sea Buckthorn Oilwere extremely thick (and moisturizing).  Looking back, I would say they were more like creams.  In this batch, I used more water and also added a cup of Orange Hydrosol.  This batch of lotion works great in a pump bottle and it’s a bit too thin for a jar.

Here’s a quick photo of one of my bottles of lotion.

Next time, I’ll turn my mind to make a nice thick cream that will help me take care of my itchy skin!

8 thoughts on “Body Lotion with Sea Buckthorn Oil

  1. This lotion is looking pretty! Well done. Need to try Sea Buckthorn oil. What a name!

    • Thank you! The lotion turned out a little thinner than I planned. However, it’s been great for the hot weather we’re having this summer! It’s light while still providing lots of moisture. 🙂
      If you find some Sea Buckthorn oil, store it in the fridge to make it last longer. 🙂

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