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Nourishing Thick Cream Featuring Rosehip Seed Oil

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As promised, after my last experiment with lotion that turned out quite light, I decided to make a heavier body cream.

In making the cream heavier than the lotion, I simply added less liquid to the oils.  In this case, I used equal parts of water and orange hydrosol.  In my last batch of lotion, I used two parts water to one part hydrosol.

Rosehip Seed Oilrosehip seed oil

In this batch of cream, I decided to add a bit of Rosehip Seed Oil to it.  This oil has been found to be a very effective in skin treatment.  Recently, it has been used more and more to promote tissue regeneration and it is good for scars, burns, and wrinkles.

Though this oil has a colour to it, I didn’t add enough for it to change the colour of the cream overall.

Nourishing Thick Cream

I scented this cream with a combination of citrus essential oils.  Combined with the scent of the orange hydrosol, the cream itself smells very refreshing.

Since it’s so thick, a little bit goes a long way and it feels silky on the skin.  It will be great for elbows and feet.  If I have some left when winter comes, it will be definitely good to have on hand for that dry winter weather!

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