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Pink Soap – It has a following!


One of my favorite M&P soaps is my pink soap.  I make it with pink clay and Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap.  It’s probably the most gently of the M&P soaps that I have mixed so far.  It’s gentle enough to be used on your face without causing irritation.

Others like my pink soap too!

I was quite flattered when, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to replenish her stock of pink soap!  Woo hoo!! I had given her a few samples to try some time ago and she stuck with them.  It was an exciting moment for me.  🙂  And of course, I’m so happy that I can share a great product with such a close friend.

Here’s the most recent batch of soap I made for her.  I’m guessing this will last her a good long while!

Goat's Milk M&P Soap with Pink Clay

11 thoughts on “Pink Soap – It has a following!

  1. Hi, Hun! I’m passing along a well-deserved award – The Beautiful Blogger Award - 😀

  2. This soap sounds wonderful! I’ve used goat milk soaps before and have always been very pleased with them. Thanks for visiting and liking my post on lantana and plumbago.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! I am a huge fan of goat’s milk soaps. They have just the right balance of cleansing power, while still being gentle on the skin. 🙂

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