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Product Review – Mystikol Eyeliner – Jane Iredale


I made the switch to mineral makeup at the beginning of this year.

Six months prior to that, I had stopped using makeup altogether.  While that saved me a lot of time in the morning and gave me piece of mind that I wasn’t caking unnecessary chemicals onto my skin on a regular basis, I truly missed having a nice lipstick to use for special occasions!

So, I was quite delighted when my sister introduced me to the Jane Iredale line of cosmetics.  I’ve been using them diligently for the past several months and have loved it!

Mystikol Eyeliner by Jane Iredale

Last week, I picked up a Mystikol Eyeliner in onyx.  For some reason , eyeliner was the one part of my makeup routine that I had not yet switched over to a safer option.  As expected, I have not been disappointed! The Mystikol eyeliner is great.

The eyeliner is great for thin or thick lines and it goes on really easy without pulling your skin.  Best of all, the other end of the stick has a highlighter that you can use under your brow.  I love it!

This truly rounds out my collection of mineral makeup. I can officially say goodbye to unnecessary chemicals in my makeup now!

8 thoughts on “Product Review – Mystikol Eyeliner – Jane Iredale

  1. I stopped using make up some time ago, only use it for special occasions 🙂 Never used foundations or powders anyway, I felt as if my skin can’t breath 🙂

  2. looks awesome!! love Jane Iredale! x

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