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My Name Was Picked in a Free Giveaway!


What a great way to start a Saturday!

For once, I decided to enter a giveaway contest.  The giveaway was too good for me to pass up, so I plunged in and today, I found out my name got picked!

It was hosted by Donah at Sweet Jelly Bean.  Entering the contest was simple. I liked the post that announced the contest, reblogged about it later this week, tweeted about it etc…

Now, I happily await a package of skin care products from Suti.  I’ve checked out their website and their products look like they are right up my alley, free of any unnecessary chemicals!

Stay tuned for a product review!

8 thoughts on “My Name Was Picked in a Free Giveaway!

  1. Hi Alia! Thanks for linking back and for another Twitter shout out! You’re awesome. You deserved to definitely win the set. Hope you’ll love this mini samples, they’re really awesome! 😉

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