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Pinktober – Are you Well Aware of the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Yet?


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Everywhere you look, there are pink ribbons to remind you of October’s theme.

If you read my post on this topic from earlier this week, you’ll already know that I have a slightly different view of this particular campaign.  I’m all for supporting research to find a cure, to any disease.  I’m all for educating myself and others on ways to help ourselves by leading a healthier lifestyle and using safer skin care products.

I’m must less in favour of a campaign that appears to full of contradictions and involves the practice of pinkwashing.  Last week, I read this article called, “Rethinking Pinktober: Are We More Aware of “Breast Cancer Awareness” Than the Disease Itself?”. I thought it made some decent, well thought-out points, about the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. 

In a nutshell, it challenges the campaign to go beyond raising awareness and actually funding the research that is needed. I encourage you to read it.  If nothing else, it will present an alternate point of view.

8 thoughts on “Pinktober – Are you Well Aware of the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Yet?

  1. Interesting take on the cancer awareness month. I agree that there are opportunists profiting from the well-wishes of the population. With the expose of false positives and ‘cures’ utilizing barbaric treatments, it is no surprise that the whole cancer ‘no cure’ myth is under question and scrutiny. There are claims by brave doctors that all cancers are curable using natural methods.
    From your brave unconventional commenter.

    • Thanks for your comments. I thought you might have some comments this week with this series of posts on the topic of the breast cancer awareness campaign. As always, it’s of critical importance to choose campaigns that are doing what they say they are doing. Sadly, that is not a “given” anymore.
      In the meantime, there is so much controversy over the actual treatment of various cancers that it calls these campaigns into question even further.
      Stay tuned for more on this topic from me this week!

  2. I can totally understand this post and I agree with you a bit on that. It’s like how Avon is a big supporter of breast cancer but then they sell products that could potentially cause it. Contradictions abound! I tried to only feature natural breast cancer product types in my post on it, but I totally know what you mean . x

    • Avon has such a prominent role in the cosmetic industry and it’s so disappointing to see them a) sell cosmetics with questionable ingredients and b) support other companies who do the same! They could be such a leader of change, given how well known they are!
      I think it’s great that you try to limit your support to “clean” products. If nothing else, it raises awareness of the better alternatives to more common brand names out there.

      • Yeah I totally agree. Even with higher end brands or drugstore brands, they all could do a lot more than support BCA – they could actually help prevent it overall you know?

        I do try to limit support and exposure for those brands which is why I avoid reviewing designer type brands too much because I know they do the same for a high price you know? I def. try to bring exposure to lesser known and more affordable brands. Hopefully it helps people out! lol thanks for the great post x

      • We’re totally on the same page! Fortunately, there are some legitimate efforts at raising awareness and funds for BCA. They’re a bit harder to find, but those are the ones to highlight! You go girl!

      • definitely true! Yeah I really like what Acure Organics have going on at Spirit Beauty Lounge – 100% proceeds for Acure Organics in October at SBL go to BCA

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