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Special Edition: Round ‘Em Up with Cool Bloggers!

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Hello November! Or New-vember for this blog, I’d say. This blog will be going through some major changes and improvement that I’m hoping I’ll be sticking forever! Kind of. Just a heads up, although I’ll be posting on a topic on this separately as well.
For now, let’s take a look into what I call ‘special edition’ Round ‘Em Up post! I know this should have been yesterday’s post but I completely did not realize that it was the end of the month already! I was not on this plane yesterday,  apparently.
This is a special edition because, instead of my own posts monthly round up, I decided to actually get a few of my cool blogger friends involved and get their post featured here! Why? So you can browse around and perhaps find more blogs to follow, of course!
So let’s peruse this post and see these bloggers most…

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2 thoughts on “Special Edition: Round ‘Em Up with Cool Bloggers!

  1. Love your post on the Pretty Polly 2000 tights! Who wouldn’t want a nice pair of warm tights in the winter months?

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