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Carrot Seed Oil


Carrot Seed Oil is one of my favorite ingredients to use in my skin care products.


Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil has an earthy and sweet smell to it.  Its colour is yellow or amber.  I keep mine in the fridge to help extend its shelf life.


Carrot Seed Oil is known to be a great additive to skin care products.  It can relieve stress and exhaustion, detoxify the liver, and also rejuvenate the skin.  This essential oil is also known to help fight many skin problems, such as psoriasis and eczema.

Carrot Seed Oil contains both Vitamin A and carotene.  In addition to being good for your hair and skin, it is also associated with good eyesight.

Body Lotion with Sea Buckthorn OilUses

A drop or two of carrot seed oil in creams and lotions is worth it.  I have used this oil in my own skin moisturizers and it works great.  I have also tried this oil in my Night Oil.  Though I have not yet tried it, Carrot Seed Oil would work nicely in a blended bath oil.

I always use this oil sparingly.  A little goes a long way.

Note:  This is  not an oil to use during pregnancy.


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34 thoughts on “Carrot Seed Oil

  1. Love carrot seed oil and the richness of its colour. I use it quite ofthe for my face and neck, just need to be carefull with bedlinen later as it stains easily.

  2. Great post! 🙂 So informative.

  3. Thanks for this post 🙂 Carrot oil seems great

  4. Thank you! Your tips are useful as always 🙂

  5. Great information, I never new these things, I hadn’t even heard over carrot oil before to be honest.

  6. Oh, what a great useful post. I didnt know most of it. 🙂

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  7. this is my first time heard about it. i gained new knowledge, thanks for sharing

    – from gig

  8. I love you post> I am currently in love with all natural products

  9. Sounds great! I’ve been using black seed oil lately and I love it!

  10. Can’t wait to try this one… Sounds amazing!

  11. I love carrot. but haven’t heard about the carrot seed oil. strange but interesting 😉

  12. Loving all the info on oils your sharing here 🙂 it’s amazing. Never tried carrot oil before. Xx Donah

  13. thanks for this!! i will have to try and find it 🙂 #GIG

  14. Whoa! never knew carrot seed oil can be so useful. Unfortunately they’re not available in my city! 😐

  15. Love, love, LOVE using oils in my beauty, hair and skin care regime.

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