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Fabulous Foot Balm By Suti



A few months ago, when I was well into my pregnancy, I won a beauty giveaway from Donah at Sweet Jelly Bean.  She sent me a few samples of some great Suti products.  I tried each one, except for the Fabulous Foot Balm.  That was the only one that was not considered safe during pregnancy, due to some of the essential oils on the ingredient list. Check out my product review here.

Now that I’m well past being pregnant and I can reach my feet once again, I treated myself to my sample of Suti’s Fabulous Foot Balm.  As expected, I loved it.

First Impressions

The balm is scented with a few essential oils.  I found that it had a refreshing scent of eucalyptus.  It reminded me of the spa and I immediately started to feel pampered!

Shea Butter

Shea Butter


The balm looks and feels a bit grainy.  The grainy texture comes from the unrefined Shea Butter in the balm.  It melts on contact with your fingers, so it’s easy to massage into your feet.  The balm was oily, without being greasy.  It is perfect for treating the dry skin on my feet!

After just two treatments of this balm, my feet were much smoother and feeling moisturized.


I have very dry feet and they need lots of attention all the time.  I would certainly recommend Suti’s Fabulous Foot Balm to anyone who needs to pay the same amount of attention to their feet.  Not only does this balm do a great job of moisturizing your feet, it smells great and has a lovely texture.

27 thoughts on “Fabulous Foot Balm By Suti

  1. Sounds like a dream for the feet!

  2. I haven’t heard nor tried foot balm. But this sure is a great treat for your feet 😉

  3. sounds great to me@! i love anything for my feet, ought to take good care of them since we are using them everyday!!

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand before. I always use Lush Lemony Flutter on my feet.

  5. never tried foot balm before but i would love to!

  6. Thanks for sharing, I’m always looking for really good foot creams to try out.


    Francy @

  7. Never tried foot balm but Im willing to try it anytime soonn … Love from GIGersGivers Blog Love Tag ❤

  8. Great review! i have never tried it before but is sounds amazing! I am following you on FB to stay in touch. 🙂

    Lucy (GIG member)

  9. I’m sure you were in total love once you were able to reach your feet again 🙂

    xo Jessika

  10. oh i saw this balm on Donah’s blog as well, omg i think im so i need of thisssss my feet totally need this!! heheheh 😀 nice post honey, big hugs ❤
    gig ❤

  11. My foot gets dry often, and I use a home-made oil to keep then soft and moisturized. The foot balm seems interesting though, especially since it contains shea butter. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    #GiGBloggers ❤

    • I’m sure the oils do a fabulous job on your feet! Balms should work the same way, given your skin lots of moisture. It’s worth a try!

  12. congrats on winning! so much fun! I must admit I hate shea butter but im all for foot rubs so I might just change my mind there!
    GIG Co-Founder

    • Thanks! There are plenty of alternatives to Shea Butter that also do a great job of moisturizing. I’ve used mango butter in the past…

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