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Product Review – The All Natural Face’s Vegan Eye Liner


I’ve almost completely made the switch to makeup made from natural ingredients.  My go-to brand is Jane Iredale.  However, I still like to try new brands when I come across them.

The All Natural Face

A few months ago, I spotted a coupon for three vegan eye-liners by The All Natural Face.  Though I can’t quite remember how much the deal cost, I do recall that I thought it was a decent deal.  So, I bought myself a trio of vegan eye liners.  They arrived a few weeks ago.

Vegan Eyeliners - The All Natural Face


I received three different colours of eyeliner.  There was a Caramel Fudge, Hot Fudge Brownie, and That Black.  Normally, I don’t stray too far away from black eye liner, so this was extra exciting to have received other colours!  Here’s what they looked like on my skin.

Three Vegan Eyeliners - The All Natural Face


They each go on really smoothly.  The wand allows you to choose the thickness of line very easily.  These are probably some of the simplest eye liners to apply that I’ve ever had.  I found that they lasted about as long as other eye liners that I’ve used.  They would work for me for a night out or a work day.  Even better, they did not smudge!


The ingredients for each eye liner are listed right on the tube. I love that feature.  There are no questions about what you’re putting on your skin.  They are also listed right on their website. Click here to check them out.  In a nutshell, these eyeliners are all made with pure ingredients that aren’t known or suspected to be harmful for your skin.

Vegan Eyeliners - The All Natural Face

Vegan Eyeliners – The All Natural Face


If you’re looking for a clean eyeliner, I would definitely recommend this brand.  The packaging is simple and informative.  The wand has a great tip that allows you to easily control the thickness of the line.  Most importantly, the ingredients are pure and are considered safe for your skin.

41 thoughts on “Product Review – The All Natural Face’s Vegan Eye Liner

  1. This means bye bye to tearing…? Cheers!

  2. Oooo I’ve been searching for a good liquid liner – I’ll have to check this out!

  3. This looks great. I’ve been rocking brown eyeliner lately!

  4. this might be good for me since i swear a lot near the eye area 🙂

  5. What… VEGAN eyeliners?? This world is going crazier and crazier!
    but the swatches look great!!


  6. The caramel fudge one looks really cute… 🙂

  7. wow love this, i have been meaning to try vegan eyeliners as the ingredients they use are natural and more safe, do they stay all day?

    big hugs ❤

  8. Lovely review – Thank you for sharing. I’m excited to give these a try!

  9. I hope its avail. on my country 😦

    • I’m not quite sure how far and wide they ship right now. I had a look on their website, but couldn’t see their shipping policy right away. I really like the eye liners, so it might be worth some further investigation!

  10. great find! of all things i think its hard to find a vegan eyeliner and any wax based makeup 🙂 #gig

  11. I didn´t know vegan eyeliners existed. The packaging is really cute. xoxo KJ

  12. Did not know that there was such a thing. Love the colors. Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  13. Glad to hear it doesn’t smudge. My #1 paranoia about eyeliner

  14. the product looks great, i wanna try it!

  15. Oh, this sounds really amazing!! Thanks for sharing

    Style Without Limits

  16. love it! i would love to try it. i am looking for a nice eyeliner 🙂 thanks for sharing..

    -from #Gig
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    Swirls and Scribbles X The Fashion Closet
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  17. Great review, thank you! xoxo Nat #GIGlove

  18. sounds interesting! would love to give this a try!

  19. It does look like a great eyeliner brand. The color pay off is great and I like that they list the ingredients in the packaging 🙂

  20. Looks great! I just bought a MAC eyeliner but these look like they’d work too!

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