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Skincare Tips for the Spring


Spring is almost here!

hydrangeasA few weeks ago, we started to have double-digit temperatures!  It was such a treat to be given a sneak peek into Spring.  I celebrated by going for a long walk with my son in the baby carrier.  Sadly, the high temps did not last and we’ve had more snow since then.  In fact, as I write this, I’m looking out the window at a snow shower.  Nevertheless, I know that Spring is close and it’s time to get ready for sunshine and outdoor fun!

Spring also means that my skin will have different needs. Here’s how I’m planning on taking care of my skin.

Spring Soap


I just whipped up two small batches of Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap.  I made a few bars of soap using green clay and scented them with Patchouli.  In the past, I’ve sometimes overdone it with the Patchouli scent.  Fortunately, I’ve learned from that and these bars are nicely scented.

I also made some bars of soap with pink clay.  I use these on my face.  They are gentle and are able to clean my skin without removing all of the natural oils. I scented these bars with Grapefruit essential oil.  I like to call these bars Pink Grapefruits!

Light Moisturizers

I’ve been using the Emollient Wheatgerm cream this winter.  It’s been great.  Now that the weather is turning, I’ll be using face oils only.  I love the Suti face oils.  They have a delicious scent and are light on the skin.  I also make my own face oils and have experimented with all kinds of oils.  Once I finish the batch that I have in my cabinet, I’ll be making some more to try!

It’s also time to switch to a light lotion.  I always need to help my skin with moisture.  However, I can get away with a light lotion during the warmer months, rather than a thicker lotion or cream.

Coconut on BeachHair Care

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll already know that I’m a big fan of reverse hair washing.  I just love the results and I continue to wash my hair this way.  With the added humidity that comes with Spring, my hair can get a bit frizzy. I find that a weekly hair mask is just what it needs to stay under control.  My favorite mask right now is plain coconut oil.

How do you pamper your skin during the spring months?

This post is part of the GiG Spotlight #5: Spring Fever.  Thanks to Caity of Moi Contre La Vie and Mari of I Love Green Inspiration for hosting this wonderful event.  Are you wondering what GiG is?  It’s the Girls Inspired Group.  Click on the image below to check out their blog and join!


47 thoughts on “Skincare Tips for the Spring

  1. Thanks for being part of the GIG Spotlight #5.
    We are just going through all the entries. Good luck! xxx

  2. I’ve just bought a hair care product with coconut.
    mari from
    #gig love

  3. I love the idea of using coconut oil on your hair – I can’t wait to give that a try. Happy Spring! 🙂

  4. Awesome tips! Thanks! xx #giglove

  5. I am impressed! You made those soaps? Cool! That can be a good business just like Lush’ handmade soaps! Love, Cynthia

  6. I look forward to lovely smelling baths when i use specialty soaps ! 😀

  7. Very useful tips for Spring ❤ Love to know how those soaps smell like in real life ❤

  8. Great tips 😉

  9. oh i also use coconut oil as a hair mask! thanks for the tips!

  10. With oils. We also had the spring sneak peek, now it´s more fall-ish.

  11. I love using oils for the spring weather too!

  12. Coconut oil s like a miracle oil for the body, I swear. Love the stuff!

  13. This is very handy! Great post! 🙂

  14. great tips!! i am going to have to try the coconut oil mask 😉

  15. Wow! You made the soaps, how cool is that. Thanks for the tips!

  16. Great tips!. Will definitely try those out!.
    Thanks for sharing!.
    Gime from #GIGBloggers

  17. Wonderful tip !!! Thanks for sharing ❤ GIG Love xoxo

  18. ok, need to know! how do you make the soap??/ send me the deets and ill share them!

  19. i envy your weather.. here in our country, the normal temp is 30-36 C.. it’s super hot and humid. huhu anyways, i love cool sunny weather like spring. =)

    – from gig

  20. I use a lot of this tips, except for the soap one. I wonder if these soaps are available at all in my city. These are really good tips! xoxo

  21. You make your own soaps??? Wow! That’s amazing! I would love to try make my own as well. I think the idea is so much fun 🙂

  22. Awesome tips! Thank you! xoxo Nat #giglove

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