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Let’s Talk About Talc


There’s a lot of controversy about talc. From all of the reading I have done, there doesn’t seem to be a whole of evidence either way.  Despite that, the very fact that there’s controversy has steered me away from using talc in my skin care routine.  In my very simple words, here’s a very short summary on the talc controversy.

Talking about Talc…

There are some who avoid talc because it is thought that it might contain tiny fibers related to asbestos.  People are concerned because these fibers could cause talc to behave like asbestos inside your body.  For this reason, long-term use of talc is suspected to contribute to serious illness, such as lung cancer.

The use of talc has also been linked to ovarian cancer, for folks who use talc in that area of their body.

On the other hand, I have also read that there are reports that say that talc used in cosmetics have such fibers removed and therefore, there is no need to worry.

Why Do People Use Talc in the First Place?

Talcum powder is great at absorbing extra moisture and keeping your skin dry.  Such a product is great as a baby powder for babies in trying to prevent diaper rash and great for adults in avoiding excess moisture during the day.  It’s especially good for areas of the body that get sweaty, like underarms and feet.

Alternatives to Talc

As I was getting some skin care products ready before my son’s arrival, I endeavored to make some talc-free baby powder.  I’m certainly no expert on talc.  However, there’s enough controversy about it for me to look for a less controversial option.  Fortunately, I found a few readily available options quite easily.  Powders can easily be made with cornstarch, arrowroot powder, oat flour, or baking soda.  All of these would be good at keeping the skin dry.  I ended up making a powder with a mix or arrowroot, cornstarch and baking soda.  (Then, I ended up barely using it because he didn’t need the extra drying power of a baby powder!)

Unscented Baby Powder

Unscented Baby Powder


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37 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Talc

  1. Cornstarch is a nice alternative and it does work pretty well!

  2. Hello Alia, funny thing is my five year old daughter and her dad use talcum powder each day because they both sweat a lot. My younger son however is allergic to it so I have never used powder on him, even when the African heat we have here, causes him to sweat so badly. I will try your tips. Thanks

    • I can just imagine that some kind of powder is very important in your climate! I hope the talc-free formulation works better for your son.

  3. Wow, I’ve never even heard of such a controversy, so thank you for making me aware. I’m going to be more mindful to check the labels when I’m buying skin products from here on out.

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I want to try this for baby #2. What amount of the ingredients did you use? Now following via Bloglovin’.

    • You can play around with the ratios a fair bit. I used arrowroot as my base and then significantly smaller equal parts of the other ingredients.

  5. I’ve heard of people using arrow root before but never realised it was because talc was thought to be damaging! Hmm I don’t need it so much so I’ll avoid from now on. Thank you x

  6. Odd enough, I am allergic to talc so when I use makeup with it, i end up sneezing a lot!

    Kumiko Mae

  7. Hmm, I never knew there was a controversy around talc. Thanks for the information!

  8. Thanks for this information, Alia! I wasn’t aware of this! And I agree to the other comment above, cornstarch is one of the best alternative for it (according to my mom!) Hehe. x

  9. Great post – Very informative! ❤

  10. love ur banner

  11. Very informative post, thanks for sharing!

  12. Great post! I never was in fear of talc, because I never new about this asbestos thing… But I don’t beliebe that these fibers are in cosmetics, at least I hope so!
    Great post, thanks for that (:

  13. Very interesting read, thank you for sharing ❤

  14. Having never tried talc I know very little, thanks for enlightening me.

  15. I never knew there were any risks associated with Talc. Thank you! I’ll have to start being more update on these things.

  16. Great post! ❤ I really learn a lot from you Alia. Good thing you made a talc yourselft 🙂

  17. Great, informative post!! I don’t seem to be sensitive to talc, but I’ve heard that it can be sort of irritating. I will definitely keep checking ingredients when buying new products going forward 😀

  18. I like using talc but they are a mess in summer. Besides, I like them in soft fragnance. There are some talc which have an awkwardly strong scent. x

  19. Very informative! Talc is helpful in some ways though. but then we really need to take care.

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