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Belly Butter for Pregnant Mamas


A dear friend of mine recently announced to me that she was pregnant.  Yay!!

About five minutes after she told me her great news, she asked if I could make her some belly butter to help avoid the dreaded stretch marks.  Not only was she looking to avoid the actual stretch marks, but she had found that the stretching her skin had already done in the first few weeks had been a bit painful.  She had tried to find a butter in the stores, but found that many of them had unnecessary ingredients.  My heart warmed and I assured her I would help her take care of her skin.

Belly Butters

I made a two separate butters for her.  One is for the morning and one is for bedtime.  I made two jars of each one.  I made both with base oils that are great for the skin.  The main oils in both are Jojoba and Kukui oil.

Belly Butters

Belly Butters

Belly Butter in the Morning

I scented this belly butter with a mixture of citrus scents.  It’s perfect for awakening the body in the morning and having a fresh scent on your skin to start the day.  I also made this butter quite soft, so that it’s easy to apply.

Bedtime Belly Butter

For nighttime, I scented the butter with a soothing lavender.  The scent is calming and will help my dear friend get her sleep.

Why not a straight oil?

Oils are also great for moisturizing the skin.  I find that, to achieve a deep moisturizing effect, a butter, lotion or cream is more effective.  Once your skin is well moisturized, an oil is excellent and keeping the moisture in.  To learn more about my take on the difference between oils and creams/lotions, click here.

Clean Ingredients Make for Safe Cosmetics

When a woman becomes pregnant, she starts sharing everything that she takes into her body, whether through eating, inhaling, or through her skin, with her growing baby.  For that reason, it’s so important to pay attention to what that new mama is taking in.  Why use a product with unnecessary parabens or other chemicals that will be passed on to the new baby when there are equally effective and less harmful options available?  Sometimes, we do it because it’s convenient or because we don’t have access to a better alternative.  I was so happy that my friend is paying attention to what she shares with her growing baby and it was such a pleasure to be able to make a belly butter that is safe for both of them.

49 thoughts on “Belly Butter for Pregnant Mamas

  1. Great tips and ideas! I love use Shea Butter for moisturising I might mix in some oil now to give it more of a pleasant scent! #GIG

  2. So that means double moisturising? First with a lotion/cream/butter and then followed by an oil?

  3. I have a few friends who recently announced they’re expecting. I’ll let them know about this! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing!! Great tips. #giglove

  5. Wow…did not even know about these 😀



    Don’t forget to check my & other stories giveaway ^^

  6. thats so nice of you…i bet the butter smell awesomely great!

  7. Woow!!! I never heard of these before but I guess I can tell some of my friends who are expecting. Thank you for the great piece of information xx

  8. You’re so thoughtful to share this – I’ll have to let my mother-to-be friends know about it! ❤

  9. Such a lovely thing to do for a dear friend =) I also have a friend here who makes body butter, and I know what you mean about avoiding stretch marks. They really work!

  10. Thanks for sharing. I know cosmetics and other chemicals are not good for pregnant women, so I am glad this one is harmless enough. -giglove

  11. Thanks for sharing such great tips! Hope to see more post like this on your blog. 🙂

  12. My sis belly is growing… slowly for now but it will change any month now 🙂
    I like the idea of two different one

  13. I’ve read this is def a big issue for belly during that period of life…so this is great to know. Sometimes everything is so simple when you know what to do.

  14. Alia.. always suprise me with wonderful posts.. I’m gonnaa share this with my pregnant sis 🙂 Cannot thank you enough !!

    xx Chaicy – Style..A Pastiche!

  15. Wow you are really good when it comes on making great recipes, diy’s! Thanks for sharing this hun, I think this is good to have!


  16. Omg great idea! Gotta share it with my sister teehe

    gig x

  17. wow.. you are such a great friend!! Thanks for sharing this!
    Wish I could make things like this at home too! Anyways, I’m going to bookmark this for (distant) future use 😛 ❤ giglove

  18. How considerate of you! You seems like a great friend!

  19. congrats to her! 🙂 awww and this is such a warming little gift 🙂

  20. congrats to your friend!!! It’s great that you are always never at a loss for ideas to gift your friends with DIY products!

  21. I’m sure that your belly butters are great. 🙂 It’s a really great that your friend uses butters without parabens and other chemicals. Bravo to you and congrats to her! 🙂

  22. loveeeeeeee!!! I used the palmers when I was pregnant but I know for a fact that organic ingredients are always better! I should have tried that!
    Dee Trillo

  23. SERIOUSLY ALIA!??!?!?! lol, i just bought a belly butter to apply on my growing baby belly!!’s paraben free…and phthalate free too! but i must give this a go 😉 you are one angel!! gig love

  24. I swear, l love your DIY’s! Your friend is so lucky that you were so thoughtful to make this for her! GIG

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