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Lentil Loaf


I’ve been trying to expand my cooking repertoire recently.  Specifically, I’ve been trying to make things that require less gluten, less sugar and in general, more unprocessed ingredients.  I want our family to eat a bit cleaner.

A recent recipe that I tried was a Lentil Loaf.  Though I’ve never actually made a meatloaf, my guess is that Lentil Loaf is the Vegetarian’s answer to  meat loaf.

I found the recipe on Pinterest.  You can find on my Main Meals board by clicking here.  If you want to go directly to the website, click here.  You’ll find the recipe on The Vegan Stoner.

I love the way this recipe is laid out on the page.  It uses approximate measurements and clearly communicates that this is a forgiving recipe.  I don’t know about you, but that works for me!

Lentil Loaf by The Vegan Stoner

Lentil Loaf by The Vegan Stoner

I’ve tried this twice now…

The first time, I followed the recipe pretty closely.  I used frozen mixed veggies and garlic powder.  It was pretty good.  It held its shape when I sliced it and it was the satiating, healthy meal I had hoped it would be.  This was the final product.

Lentil Loaf

Lentil Loaf


The second time I decided to get more creative.  ( I was also much more diligent about taking photos!) Instead of frozen veggies, I sauteed the onions with red pepper and mushroom and garlic.

Most of the Ingredients for the Lentil Loaf

Most of the Ingredients for the Lentil Loaf

I used gluten-free crackers and chips, which I crushed using a mortar and pestle.

Crushed gluten-free crackers and chips

Crushed gluten-free crackers and chips

I also used an organic vegetable spread instead of some of the ketchup.

Sadly, the second time I made this, the loaf didn’t hold together as well as the first time.  It tasted great and was very filling, but I think it needed some more oven time and a bit more time to rest before we dug into it.

Lentil Loaf  with a side of Quinoa Salad

Lentil Loaf with a side of Quinoa Salad


I’m definitely going to make this again.  Though we probably cut it before it had a chance to settle into a solid loaf shape, it tasted great.  The best part was when my husband told me he liked it and even better, asked me when I would make more!

Do you have suggestions for the veggies I should include in it next time, or other variations for that matter?

52 thoughts on “Lentil Loaf

  1. I’ve never tried lentils before, but this really looks yummy! gig

  2. I’m gonna have to make this some time soon! I’m a sucker for healthy food and this just looks finger-licking-delicious! 😀

  3. that looks delicious! I’m going to try this out. Thanks for sharing. xoxo Lisa giglove

  4. This recipe it looks fabulous! I’m always looking for new ways to add gluten free and less processed food to our meals, i like that you add mushrooms and sweetcorn! big hugs ❤

  5. I’ve never tried lentil before either, or at least I don’t think I have, but another yummy recipe as usual!

  6. I never even thought of something like this! I need to try it out.

  7. looks delicious and healthy!

  8. This sounds absolutely delicious and inventive I’m going to try it myself sometime.

  9. nvr try lentil before…but it look yummy!!!

  10. Haven’t tried lentil before either but this looks delicious though. Plus it’s also healthy! Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  11. This looks good! Going to pin this image so that I can bake this when I get a new oven!! Thanks for the recipe! ❤ giglove

  12. This looks amazing! I always love healthier alternatives to traditional meals, and this is def smtg I would love to try out! The quinoa salad looks good too!

  13. It’s strange the way cooking changes from one country to another. There are ingredients we never use here in Italy, like Quinoa. I’ve tried it many times in the states, but when I am in my Country I always use very simple and basic ingredients like pasta with fresh tomatoes or mixed vegetables cooked mostly on oven. I’d be happy to share my eating routine…a day.

    • How interesting! I guess we would tend to use the freshest or most readily available ingredients, right?I’ve never thought about how a daily eating routine might change based on our location, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense!

  14. Love the illustration of the recipe!!! So adorable…
    I dont think it might be what I love… but might end up trying it 😀


  15. This is looks like a really healthy recipe, not sure if I would try it but the quinoa salad is something I’m interested in trying! Great pictures as well!! GIGlove!

  16. I don’t think I have ever tried lentils, but maybe I can start with this recipe. 🙂

  17. I know what I’m making for Thanksgiving dinner now!! ❤ GIGLove

  18. omg looks yummy! I want to try it out too. It’s going to be perfect for ordinary days when I feel lazy and just want to heat food. “:)

  19. OMG!! I like this! My mum did this to me when I was younger…

  20. wow never tried lentil before but it looks great! 😀

  21. I’m a vegan and this is surely something I’d give a try this week 🙂 It looks soo yummm!!

  22. That looks really, really tasty! Need to try it at the weekend :).

  23. like the idea! never thought of lentil loaf

  24. wah looks delicious!!!! never thought of using lentils as a staple >.<

  25. That looks seriously delicious! The second attempt looks so tasty, great ingredient combo 😀

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