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Pink Thinkin’ Hard at Work

It’s no secret that I take issue with companies that engage in pinkwashing.  That is, using the pink ribbon campaign to their advantage while continuing to support practices that contribute to breast cancer.  There are many examples of pinkwashing, especially in October.

Fortunately, there are lots of examples of great applications of the Pink Ribbon campaign and I’ve been lucky enough to find a couple.

Clean Campaigns

Jane Iredale contributes to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  The Jane Iredale line appears to me to use only natural products and avoids ingredients that have been linked to cancer.  The only make-up I use these days is from Jane Iredale and I love it.  For that reason, I would feel comfortable supporting the Jane Iredale cosmetic company in their Pink Ribbon efforts.

I recently saw an advertisement for a free online summit that is dedicated to healing cancer.  It’s the 2nd Annual Healing Cancer World Summit.  What I liked about the ad was that it touted all kinds of remedies, including some more natural treatments.  Now, I don’t know how effective those would be.  I DO like the fact that there are folks out there who are willing to spend their time spreading their knowledge without charging.

Bright Pink

Bright Pink

Just yesterday, Tianna at Story Book Apothecary told me about Acure Organics.  This company is dedicated to using the, “purest, most effective fair trade, natural and organic ingredients available”.  Not only do they use great ingredients in their products, they also provide a list of ingredients to avoid that are found in other skin care products.  Acure partners with Bright Pink to support the search for a cure for cancer.  For example, Acure Organics donates $1.00 to Bright Pink for each Argan Oil and Oil Control Day Cream they sell.   Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization that focuses on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer.  This is a great example of a partnership between a company that walks the talk and also financially supports an organization dedicated to the search for a cure for cancer.

What cancer or breast cancer campaigns do you support?