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Get Your Daily Dose of Caffeine in Your Skin Care Products

Is it OK to include caffeine in your skin care products?

My Caffeinated Eye Gel

Au Naturel Essence - Smoothing SerumI have experimented with adding a caffeine powder to my eye gel.  The purpose of my eye gel is to tighten the skin around my eyes.  Caffeine has the effect of constricting blood vessels to make your skin look tighter.  It sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

Some will question if they should be patting caffeine powder onto such a sensitive part of their skin.  Will it keep them awake all night?  So far, my own experience has been that it DOES NOT keep me awake all night.  Since I’m not a regular tea or coffee drinker, I would think that I’d be quite sensitive to such a jolt, if it existed.

Caffeine in Skin Care

There are lots of skin care recipes that include caffeine.  Whether you use coffee grinds in a mask or scrub or use caffeine powder in a cream, a little bit can go a long way to keeping your skin feeling firm!  If you want to experiment on your own, check out this recipe on Dr. Oz’s blog.