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Stock up on your antioxidants now!

I love summertime.  It’s sunny, hot and there’s lot of fresh fruit!

Freezing fresh fruit

Ever since we ended up owning a deep freezer (the first one we owned was left behind by the last tenants of the house we moved into), I’ve been stockpiling frozen fruit.

I love to add blueberries and strawberries to my smoothie in the morning.  Berries are definitely in my list of my favorite beauty foods. They are full of antioxidants and they add a natural sweetness to the drink.

However, for most of the year, it’s hard to find fresh fruit that’s in season.  There’s always frozen fruit available to buy, but why would I buy that in the winter when I could freeze my own fresh berries during the summer?

Buying in Bulk

During the summer, for the few short months when fresh fruit is available at a decent price, I buy at least double what I need each week.  I wash all of it and chop it if required.  Then, I lay the fruit out on a cutting board for a few hours to let it dry out a bit.  Once it’s dry, I pack it into plastic baggies and store it in the freezer.

If I buy enough of it now, I’ll have enough for the rest of the year and save myself the expense of buying frozen fruit in the winter.