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Five Ideas to Treat Your Dad on Father’s Day

We’re a few days away from Father’s Day.  Do you know how you’re going to honor your father, or father-in-law, or both this weekend?  If you’re like me and still debating how best to mark the day, here are a few ideas to stimulate your imagination:

1.  Spend Time Together

I don’t know about you, but between work and my own family, it can get tough to make time to spend with my dad.  Father’s Day is a perfect excuse to schedule some time to hang out with your dad over coffee or lunch.

2.  Take your dad to the movies!

When was the last time you went out with your dad to see a movie or a show?  A few years ago, I bought tickets for me and my dad to see David Copperfield.  I grew up watching him on TV and it was such a treat to see him in person, for both of us!

3.  How about a game of golf?

Schedule a game of golf (or tennis, or squash, or whatever game that your dad likes and that you can play).  This is a great way to spend time with your dad.

4.  Buy him that gadget he’s been eyeing in the store

Is there something in the store that your dad is dying to buy, but hasn’t yet?  It could be a gadget or some clothes.  If you’re sure that he’d like it, go for it!

5.  Ask him what HE wants to do!

After all, it is HIS day.  If you’re stuck for ideas, ask you dad how he would like to spend the day.

In my own humble opinion, the best way to mark any family occasion is to spend time together.  There are few gifts that can top high quality family time.

Whatever you do, have fun making this Father’s Day a special one!