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Petroleum Jelly — should you use it on your skin or not?

There seems to be an ongoing debate on whether or not you should use petroleum jelly on your skin.  There are some who swear by it and there are some who have sworn themselves off of it.

Until recently, I used Vaseline for years.  I put it on my lips each night to ensure they stayed nice and moist.  It worked like a charm.   I stopped that a few months ago, only because I discovered that I could make my own lip balm and that it did a better job of keeping my lip moisturized all night.  It was only after that point that I started reading about the debate on petroleum jelly.

There are those who focus on the fact that petroleum jelly is derived from crude oil, a non-renewable resource.  Others comment on the fact that it seals your skin, but doesn’t allow your skin to breathe.  When it comes to cosmetics, petroleum jelly seems to be in many of them.   Some authorities say that it is safe and others indicate that more testing is required to make that determination.

All of that to say that there are conflicting opinions out there.  I recently read the article and thought it outlined the various sides of this debate clearly.  It’s worth a read, if this is a question interests you.

For myself, I just don’t see the need anymore to use petroleum jelly.  I’ve discovered many other ways to use natural plant-based products that are good for my skin.


Preparing some treats for a fundraiser

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I could put together some treats for a fundraising dinner.  They would be given out through the raffle, or perhaps bid on through the silent auction.

It was an exciting offer since this would be the first time that people other than my close friends and family would be trying out my products.  Of course, that also meant that I had to ensure that whatever I made was as perfect as possible!

And thus began my mission…

I started by making a list of all the different treats that I wanted to make.  Then, I organized those into suitable gifts.  Here`s what I decided:

For the silent auction, a basket full of pampering products:

– Scented Bath Salts

– Scented Bath Oil

– Spiced Hand Scrub

– Hand Balm

– Foot Balm

– Lip Balm

– Lip Conditioner

– Citrus Mist

– Lavender Linen Mist

For the raffle, some subsets of the gift basket:

1. Bath Salts and Bath Oil

2.  Hand Scrub, Hand Balm and Lip Balm

3.  Hand Scrub, Foot Balm, and Lip Conditioner

I’ve been slowly working on pieces of all of this in my spare time in the past few days.  The fundraiser is just one week away.  Here are the results of my efforts so far!