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Are you Ready for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is almost here.  Are you ready to pamper your mother?

How about a little background on Mother’s Day?

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated across 46 different countries, albeit on different days of the year. Over time, this celebration has grown and expanded to each of those countries.

The earliest roots of Mother’s Day are traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who had traditions of honoring their maternal goddesses.

More recently, Mothering Sunday was celebrated in the 1600’s in England.  It was a time where people were encourage to visit their mothers and honor them with simple gifts.  This tradition died out in the 19th century.

In the United States, Mother’s Day was promoted by Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis in the late 1800’s.  They both supported the idea of honoring our mothers.

Through all of these iterations of Mother’s Day, none of the celebrations were as commercial as they are today.  While today’s version of Mother’s Day is certainly about honoring our mothers, it has also taken a commercial aspect that was not contemplated before.

Honoring my mothers

There is so much publicity about all the great things you can do for you mother on Mother’s day.  Gift ideas range from chocolates to flowers to a nice to dinner to all kinds of extravagant gifts.

My personal preference is to try to make time to spend with my mother.  We both lead busy lives and time together is always limited.  To me, spending time with my mother is the best gift for both of us.

Even as time spent is important, I also like to give her something special to mark the day.  You never know, there may be a bouquet of flowers coming her way or some hand-made skin care products that she can use to pamper herself.

My mother-in-law lives in a different city than me.  It makes spending time together a bit more challenging.  However, I have no doubt that my husband and I will find a way to brighten her day and know that we are thinking of her!

How you will you honor your mother on Mother’s Day?