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The Top 10 Breast Cancer Toxins

Raising Awareness

I made it my mission this week to post about the October Breast Cancer Awareness campaign each day, in some form.

Think Before you Pink

Think Before you Pink


Unfortunately, this month of pink ribbons brings out a lot of pinkwashing, which can be misleading to people who sincerely want to support the campaign.

Clean Campaigns

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon

Fortunately, there are many clean campaigns out there as well. In my humble opinion, it’s important to research each campaign and cause to ensure that you know what you are supporting.

To round out this week’s posts, I’ll leave you with one last thought.  This is a post by Goddess Huntress that outlines a few common toxins that are worth your time to avoid when it comes to skin care and cleaning products.  Please check it out!

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Pinktober – Are you Well Aware of the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Yet?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Everywhere you look, there are pink ribbons to remind you of October’s theme.

If you read my post on this topic from earlier this week, you’ll already know that I have a slightly different view of this particular campaign.  I’m all for supporting research to find a cure, to any disease.  I’m all for educating myself and others on ways to help ourselves by leading a healthier lifestyle and using safer skin care products.

I’m must less in favour of a campaign that appears to full of contradictions and involves the practice of pinkwashing.  Last week, I read this article called, “Rethinking Pinktober: Are We More Aware of “Breast Cancer Awareness” Than the Disease Itself?”. I thought it made some decent, well thought-out points, about the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. 

In a nutshell, it challenges the campaign to go beyond raising awareness and actually funding the research that is needed. I encourage you to read it.  If nothing else, it will present an alternate point of view.