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Nourishing Thick Cream Featuring Rosehip Seed Oil

As promised, after my last experiment with lotion that turned out quite light, I decided to make a heavier body cream.

In making the cream heavier than the lotion, I simply added less liquid to the oils.  In this case, I used equal parts of water and orange hydrosol.  In my last batch of lotion, I used two parts water to one part hydrosol.

Rosehip Seed Oilrosehip seed oil

In this batch of cream, I decided to add a bit of Rosehip Seed Oil to it.  This oil has been found to be a very effective in skin treatment.  Recently, it has been used more and more to promote tissue regeneration and it is good for scars, burns, and wrinkles.

Though this oil has a colour to it, I didn’t add enough for it to change the colour of the cream overall.

Nourishing Thick Cream

I scented this cream with a combination of citrus essential oils.  Combined with the scent of the orange hydrosol, the cream itself smells very refreshing.

Since it’s so thick, a little bit goes a long way and it feels silky on the skin.  It will be great for elbows and feet.  If I have some left when winter comes, it will be definitely good to have on hand for that dry winter weather!


My Day and Night Oil

What do you use to moisturize your face?  Do you use a serum, a cream, or oil? Or, are you someone with naturally oily skin who would never contemplate using any kind of moisturizer on your face?

I’ve always had dry skin…

I`ve always had dry skin, so I’ve always used some kind of moisturizer.  For the most part, I have used a light cream, both in the morning or the night.  If I didn’t, I could feel my skin tighten within minutes of being washed.

I was able to help myself a few months ago when I stopped using strong cleansers on my face.  Once I went to a milder soap, I thought I might be able to get away without using a moisturizer. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  Even with a mild cleanser, my face still needed some help to stay moisturized.

How about straight oil?

As I learned more about the unnecessary and toxic chemicals hiding in most skin care products, including the ones I was using at the time, I started looking for a healthy alternative for moisturizing my skin.  Around the same time, I learned how to make a Night Oil at a workshop at Soap & More.  I never thought that I would actually use straight oil on my face.  Surely it would be too much and cause me to break out instantly (or, at the very least, overnight!).  I was so convinced that I didn`t touch the oil that I made in the workshop for several Skin Breakoutweeks.

And then one night, I ran out of my moisturizer. Out of desperation, I turned to the little bottle of night oil.  I just used a little drop and massaged into my face and neck.  It actually felt pretty good and my skin didn`t seem oily.  Still skeptical, I went to sleep, fearing the worst for the morning.

Miraculously, I woke up in the morning with my same clear skin.  I used a dab of the oil again that morning, and again that night.  In fact, I have continued that for several months now and I have yet to break out! I’m convinced that this Face Oil, combined with my other serums, will keep the wrinkles away!

What goes into a Face Oil?

rosehip seed oilI’ve had to mix up batches of this Oil a couple of times since I first started using it.  Each time, I’ve tried something a bit different.  I’ve used combinations of argan oil, rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, wheatgerm oil, and avocado oil.  I`m sure there are many, many different combinations out there.  Fortunately, all of the combinations that I have tried have worked great so far!

Have you ever tried using Oil on your face and neck?  If not, after reading my personal triumph with it, would you give it a try?