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Celebrating Four Years!

My husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this week!

We met 8 years ago and started dating immediately.  Four years later, almost to the day, we tied the knot.  And now, four years after that, we are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and expecting a new addition to our family.  I couldn’t be more excited!

Every year, I do a little bit of research to figure out a little gift to give to my husband.  So far, I’ve had luck by sticking with the classic themes (or a version of them) for each year of marriage.

The fourth wedding anniversary is marked by flowers or fruits.  I wasn’t too keen on buying him a fruit basket.  Instead, I bought his favorite fruit jelly candies.  He loves them and rarely indulges on his own.

He bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I love having flowers in the house and these ones are just gorgeous.

Together, we got it just right for this year, fruit and flowers.  The best part about this wedding anniversary was that we were in the same city and got to spend it together.