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Blog ‘n Raise It! Fundraising For A Cause. Join Us!


This is a great example of a grass roots fundraising effort, all to support the cause of cancer. Beauty, Blog Tweaks

After the immense support from the bloggers, who participated the ‘Blog Pink’ campaign to raise breast cancer awareness for this month, I knew there was something else that could be done than just blogging about it. It may have taken weeks for me to finally pull that courage together, but when I got a reply from Cancer Research UK and the next step I could take, I felt inspired even more.
So, for the very first time, I would like to present to you what could be — with your support — the very first blog-based fundraising movement for a cause, created by a blogger, for all the bloggers, subscribers, readers, and those who believe  that the blogosphere has a ‘voice’ to inspire and spread the word, it’s called Blog ‘n Raise It! ‘n Raise It
If you ask me, is it not too late to fundraise, since we’re…

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3 thoughts on “Blog ‘n Raise It! Fundraising For A Cause. Join Us!

  1. Thank you very much Alia for reblogging this here. I sincerely appreciate this. 🙂

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