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Stretch Marks – Body Oil or Lotion?


I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy and my skin has become very itchy!  It’s stretching to accommodate my little baby and all I want to do is itch all day!

Treating itchy skin

At first, I was using my home-made lotion.  I make it fairly thick, so there’s lots of moisturizing potential.  However, it just wasn’t enough!  I can only attribute this to the fact my skin is dry to start with.  Much to my dismay, I needed something a bit stronger.

Mama To Be Oil

My sister-in-law gave me a bottle of Mama to Be Oil.  It’s made by Earth Mama 

Angel Baby.  This Company prides itself on making products with zero toxins and organic ingredients. It’s a straight oil, with no water or wax that you might find in a lotion.  It’s a mix of a few carrier oils, including Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba,and Borage Oil, and a couple of essential oils (orange peel and orange) for scent.  This oil gets a fairly high rating on the Good Guide website.

I started using it twice a day on the most sensitive parts of my body.  Not only did it smell great, but it really soothed my skin.  What a relief!

I’ve got my fingers crossed that this oil might help me avoid any prominent stretch marks (though, I’ve heard that’s a long shot).

Body Oils

There are lots of women who use oil as a moisturizer, rather than a cream or lotion.  If you put it on your damp skin right after your shower, your skin will absorb it the best.  If you want to try using an oil to see how your skin takes it, an easy one to start with is sweet almond oil.   Of course, as with any skin product it’s always a good idea to do a spot test on your arm to check for allergic reactions before slathering your body in any new product!

3 thoughts on “Stretch Marks – Body Oil or Lotion?

  1. I love using oils 🙂 I use Avocado oil, it’s rich but the skin absorbs its easily without leaving a greasy film 🙂 but my absolute favourite is coconut oil, my skin loves it and I am sure everyone else’s will 😀

    • I haven’t tried Avocado oil on its own, but I have tried coconut oil and I love it too. Sweet Almond oil is another one that skin absorbs well!

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