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A First Father’s Day Gift


This Father’s Day is a very special one in my household.  It’s my husband’s first father’s day as a dad!

I wanted to get him something that would remind him of our little guy, no matter where he was.  It took me a while to figure out the perfect gift, but eventually I decided to get him a pocket watch.

My First Etsy Purchase

First, I ventured into the world of Etsy for the first time.  I was looking for a pocket watch and found a few on Etsy.  I emailed each of the sellers and asked them about their watches and they all provided great information.  In the end, I bought a black pocket watch from Kristin at My Personal Memories .

The watch arrived a few days ago in a wooden box and perfectly intact.

Personalizing the Gift

I did two things to personalize this for my husband.  First, I had the front of the watch engraved with my son’s initials and birthday.  Kristin did that before sending me the watch in the mail.

Engraved Black Pocket Watch

Second, I affixed a lock of hair from my son’s first hair cut on the inside of cover of the pocket watch.  My hubby always makes sure that my son’s hair is styled nicely as well as trimmed properly, so I thought this would be meaningful for him.

Black Pocket Watch

The Finished Product

Now, my husband has a little reminder of our son that he can have with him at all times, no matter where he is.

Black Pocket Watch Black Pocket Watch

4 thoughts on “A First Father’s Day Gift

  1. What a sweet gift!!

  2. How sweet. I’m sure your husband was touched. ^^

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