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Smoothing Fine Lines


Serums and Creams

You can spend just about as much money as you want to serums and creams dedicated to removing those fine lines on your skin.  I don’t like spending a small fortune on cosmetics, but even I have tried some of them.  However, not having seen immediate results, I’ve never really stuck with any one serum and have just relied on the hope that I’m treating my skin well enough that it won’t be terribly wrinkly one day.  (I know, probably not the most reliable plan.)

Natural Serums

All of that changed when I learned how to make my very own serum for smoothing fine lines.  You don’t need a lot.  You simply dab a drop on your skin.  If you keep it in the fridge, it feels wonderfully cool on your skin.  You can actually feel your skin tighten when you put it on.  The best part is that it is made with non-mysterious ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

Special treatment for the Eyes

I use the serum around my eyes.  The skin around the eyes is very delicate, so you can and should use this sparingly.   By the way, that rule (use sparingly) applies for anything you put on in the eye area.

I liked this product so much that I made this part of the last set of Christmas gift bags that I gave out.  It turned out to be a coveted item for both the men and women who received the gifts!

10 thoughts on “Smoothing Fine Lines

  1. I use Vitamin E oil around my eyes. It’s a natural moisturiser and works really well, you don’t need anything else 🙂

    • Yes – Vitamin E is great too! I use a night oil on my face and eyes and I always include a bit of Vitamin E as well. Thanks, Kristina!

  2. silly me, I thought you were going to share your recipe. I use jojoba oil at night, and sometimes I use olive oil. They both are great for me.

    • Hi Robyn, I like both jojoba and olive oil as well. You might also try coconut oil or argan oil. In addition to this serum, I also use a night oil on my face. I like argan oil as a key ingredient in that oil. The fun is in the experimenting! Have fun with it!

  3. LOL…in my last comment I meant to say I use the coconut oil sparingly. Thanks.

  4. Hey Robyn – it sounds like you’re well on your way to full experimentation! Which one is your favorite so far?

  5. I make my own serum using:
    1/4 oz. evening primrose oil
    1/4 oz hazelnut oil
    1/2 oz rose hip seed oil
    4 drops geranium
    4 drops lavender
    6 drops neroli (this oil is quite expensive and can be skipped if cost is an issue)

    The first 3 oils are carrier oils and the last 3 are essential oils. This serum smells heavenly and my face looks line-free the next morning.

    I also have this on my blog:

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