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Go Green this Easter


‘Easter traditions go back a long way.  Today, there are many ways to enjoy those traditions and make some ‘green’ choices along the way.  Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally

Today, it’s fairly easy to use synthetic dyes when you set out to colour your Easter Eggs - Natural DyeEaster eggs.  However, the tradition started with the use of natural sources of colouring.  I found a great article about all kinds of ways to dye your eggs naturally and then use them in creative ways.  Here’s a snippet of their suggestions:

Natural Sources of Dye:

Red Cabbage


Onion Skins



You can dye your eggs using a cold dip method or a boiled  method.  You’ll dip them for varying lengths of time, depending on the type of colour that you want.   Check out this article for more great ideas!

Reusable Easter Baskets

Easter Eggs in Reusable BasketOnce you have your decorated eggs, no doubt you will want to put them into a basket.  This year, try reusing baskets from other occasions.  You could also use shredded junk mail to fill the bottom of the basket instead of the plastic grass that is often used.  Once Easter is done, that plastic grass spends most of its time in landfills.

I got that idea from a Green Options article.  This is just one of the great ideas in the article, so please check it out as well!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

6 thoughts on “Go Green this Easter

  1. Great ideas, Alia! Thanks!

  2. My mum always uses onion skins for dying eggs. They will get beautiful brown, dark red colours. Then just a bit of polishing with a knob of butter and it’s done! Really easy and natural.

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